Hormone Replacement Therapy

What are some common signs and symptoms of hormone deficiency?

A variety of symptoms may indicate signs of hormone deficiency. These symptoms can significantly impact a person’s quality of life.

Common symptoms include:

-Low energy
-Poor sleep
-Brain fog/reduced mental clarity
-Stubborn weight gain
-More difficulty losing weight
-Mood swings
-Hot flashes

How is HRT administered?


Hormone pellets are small, solid cylinders containing bioidentical hormones. They are inserted under the skin, typically in the hip area, during a minor outpatient procedure. Pellets provide a slow, continuous release of hormones over several months.


Topical creams or gels containing hormones are applied to the skin daily. The hormones are absorbed into the bloodstream. Creams offer flexibility in adjusting the dosage and can be applied to specific areas of the body.


Hormones can be administered through weekly intramuscular injections. In this method, either you or your healthcare professional injects the hormones directly into a muscle or beneath the skin. Injections allow for precise dosing, and the frequency of administration depends on the specific hormone
and individual needs.


Hormones can be taken orally in pill form. This method is convenient and familiar to many people. However, oral hormones pass through the digestive system and the liver, which can affect their efficacy and increase the risk of certain side effects.

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What is the difference between bioidentical and synthetic hormones?

Bioidentical hormones have a molecular structure identical to the hormones naturally produced by our bodies. They are derived from plant sources and are often custom- compounded to meet individual needs. Synthetic hormones, on the other hand, are chemically different from the body’s natural hormones and are manufactured in a laboratory.

*Individual results may vary.

HRT Benefits

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Bone Density
  • Enhanced Mood and Mental Clarity
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health

HRT Risks

There are potential risks associated with HRT. These effects depend on the route of
administration, and type of hormone provided, among other factors. Some studies suggest that bioidentical hormones may have a lower risk of adverse effects compared to synthetic hormones. Your provider will explain the potential adverse effects of your particular method of administration, and make sure you have a full understanding of all benefits and risks associated with treatment.

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