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At Progress Medical, We Will Help You Reach Your Goals to be Healthy and Fit!

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are you experiencing constant fatigue, weight gain and/or mental fog leaving you feeling at a loss?

InMode Therapy

InMode Therapy is the most advanced multi-functional platform providing life-changing therapies for women’s wellness.

IV Fluid Therapy

Whether you need to recover, restore, rejuvenate, or simply rehydrate, we have the right infusion recipe for you!

Medical Weight Loss

Are you someone who is frustrated with your weight loss progress and cannot seem to meet your goals?

Welcome to Progress Medical!

Providing Concierge Primary Care, InMode, IV Infusions & More!

Concierge Wellness Services


Blending traditional and alternative primary care models together. Advancing your care through the use of connected devices.


Are you noticing reduced energy, loss of muscle mass, decreased libido, fatigue and mental fogginess, all in addition to weight gain? These can all be signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance. Let us help you restore your vitality by creating a replacement plan tailored specifically for you!


There is an infusion recipe for almost anyone: General recovery, athletic performance, immunity boost, and even anti-aging!

For females: Hormone optimization, InMode Empower, medications, and PRP.
For males: Hormone optimization, medications, and PRP.

Treatments include hormone optimization and IV infusions.


Nutraceuticals Treatments include: DIM, Probiotics, ADK, Ashwaghanda, CBD, Sleep, Glutamine, Methyl folate and B-Vitamins.

Medical Weight Loss


Our Metabolic Reset program can help you achieve 15-20% weight loss. Individual results may vary. 

Aesthetics & Inmode


Treatments include: Injectables (Toxin/filler), InMode, and PRP

Toxins: Xeomin, Botox, Dysport
Fillers: Belotero and Radiesse
Empower: Women’s health, Morpheus8 and Morpheus8 Body
EvolveX: Body contouring and muscle tightening
Triton: Advanced laser hair removal.

Dr. Josh discusses Progress Medical and the Concierge Wellness Services Offered.



Our purpose is to help you become the best version of you. Whether you need sick care and preventative services through our innovative concierge program, or you are interested in our numerous wellness, recovery, anti-aging, aesthetic and rejuvenation treatments, we believe there is truly something for everyone here. Come see what the Progress Medical experience is all about!


“I started my weight loss journey with Progress Medical in May of 2022. My starting weight was 227 pounds and now 9 months later I am 156 pounds. When I first began with Progress Medical I lacked self-esteem and I didn’t enjoy going out or taking pictures because I was so self-conscience about my personal appearance. Progress Medical helped me reach my personal goal of not only loosing weight bur regaining the confidence that I needed to live a better quality of life. Dr. Dobstaff was very kind and personable. He took the time to listen to me and cared about me as an individual and attaining my desired results. I am so thankful and satisfied with the experience.” ~CW

“I cannot praise and recommend Progress Medical enough. I had both botox and inmode treatments at this practice and my skin looks amazing! I’m 45 and since my treatments, I don’t wear ANY foundation or other cosmetics on my skin and I get compliments all the time! Thank you to everyone at Progress Medical! Crystal is so accommodating when working to get you scheduled and she makes you feel so welcomed! Amanda, and Dr Dobstaff did my treatments, and they were absolutely amazing! They really listen to you and provide the best options for treatment. Afterwards Dr. Dobstaff followed up with me to see how I was feeling after my treatments. My experiences at Progress Medical were about as perfect as you can get! I’m just so thrilled about the results and so grateful to their entire team!” ~JM

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