The idea for Progress Medical was born out of the COVID pandemic of 2020. At a time when our health and wellbeing were threatened by the virus, it became clear that our approach to medical care needed to evolve and do so quickly. We began asking ourselves important questions: Is today’s care delivery truly patient-centered? It seemed the answer was clearly no. You go to the doctor, wait a long time for a short visit, and sometimes additional lab services are needed. To us, this is doctor-centered, not the other way around. This has to change.

But what if, instead, the provider comes to YOU? What if you could have the majority of your visits taken care of via telemedicine, or in your own home. Lab testing and COVID testing too! This is just part of the vision of Progress Medical. This is what we seek to do for you. To redefine what patient-centered medical care truly means, and do so in a way that ensures 100% comfort and satisfaction.

There can be a silver lining to this pandemic. A shift in the conventional wisdom of how medical care should be delivered. We will be at the forefront of that movement, and we look forward to sharing it with you. Welcome to Progress Medical.

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Joshua Dobstaff, MD - About Progress Medical PLLC

Joshua Dobstaff, MD


Dr. Dobstaff is a graduate of St. George’s University. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and has experience in hospital medicine, telemedicine, medical information technology, and concierge-level services. Dr. Dobstaff enjoys the practice of medicine but also shares his time with his wife, Lisa, and 3 boys. He founded Progress Medical with the vision of providing next-level care for you, your loved ones, or your business associates/employees. He is passionate about sharing his vision with you, and showing you what patient-centered care truly means. 

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