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Progress Medical blends multiple types of services into one convenient model. Our subscription service allows you access to a Progress Medical team member 24/7, with same or next day appointments available, so you can stay focused on what matters most. We are also credentialed with all major insurance carriers, and will bill for services on your behalf, when appropriate.


At Progress Medical, we believe everyone deserves their own personal touch to medical care. If you prefer a traditional approach, we will ensure you are receiving care that goes above and beyond the medical standard in order to achieve your desired level of health. More interested in an alternative or functional approach? We’ve got you too! Through labs services with a broader scope, and a heavier focus on healthier aging and prevention, we will create a treatment plan that aligns with your beliefs while dialing directly into your body’s specific needs.


Through the use of smart devices and our Remote Patient Monitoring Program, a Progress Medical staff member will always have a close eye on your specific physiologic parameters to maximize your health and safety. 

Using precision medicine, we can find the right treatments for each individual client. No cookie cutter treatment plans here!

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Wellness Services & Treatments


Anti-Aging treatment includes Hormones and Peptide Therapy. Benefits of this therapy are Anti-inflammatory, Immune Boost and Weight loss.

IV Fluids

IV Fluid Treatments include: Myers, Rehydrate, Envigorate, B12, Lipotropics, MIC, Recovery, Athletic, Hangover, Immunity Boost, Vitamin C, B complex, B12, Magnesium and NAD.


Nutraceuticals Treatments include: DIM, Probiotics, ADK, Ashwaghanda, CBD, Sleep, Glutamine, Methyl folate and B-Vitamins.

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